Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holey Dollar and Dump Mint Silver Bullion .999 1989

Holey Dollar and Dump Mint Silver Bullion .999 1988 - 1 oz .999 silver & .25 oz .999 Silver

The Holey Dollar and dump series, consisting of three Proof Silver one ounce Holey Dollar coins and three Proof Silver quarter ounce Twenty Five Cent 'Dump' coins, were released in pairs by the Royal Australian Mint over a three year period between 1988 and 1990

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Mintage: 100,000
Dollar Composition: 1 oz .999 Silver; 31.935 grams
Dump Composition: 1/4 oz .999 Silver; 7.984 grams


A card booklet containing a commemorative silver Holey Dollar a dump featuring the Arnhem Land Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Wawalag (or Wagilag)
sisters from which the reverse depictions of the snake (on the holey dollar) and the two sisters (on the dump) are drawn

The coins are encapsulated and housed in a special presentation wallet