Tuesday, January 31, 2012

$20 Pure Silver Commemorative Coin - Polar Bear 2012 Canadian Mint

Own a fine silver (99.99% pure) coin for only $20 With a stunning design and orders limited to 3 per household, this coin is set to sell-out as rapidly as the previous 2 in the series. Buy now before they’re all gone.

Mintage: 20,000 only

  • Attractive Design
  • Good Value
  • Great Quality
  • One Of A Kind
Wow, if you buy nothing else from the Mint due to their heavy gouging, buy this coin, it's a beauty, not to mention .9999 silver, and can ONLY go up in value. Now if the mint could just fix the pricing on everything else!

This Coin is AMAZING value!! Way to go for once RCM! (the 3rd time actually :)

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