Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Canadian Silver Moose - 1 oz .9999 Fine Wildlife Series

The Royal Canadian Mint announced the most recent coin in its Canadian Wildlife Series, the 2012 One Ounce Canadian Silver Moose in brilliant, uncirculated condition! Collectors and investors around the world eagerly await each issue, in part because of its limited release of only 1 million coins.

In addition, each coin is produced in one Troy ounce of .9999 fine silver bullion. In fact, these coins are among the purest bullion coins available today. The 2012 Silver Moose follows a tradition of excellence in showcasing Canada’s breathtaking wildlife. The series began with the 2011 Silver Timber Wolf and the 2011 Silver Grizzly. In 2012, the Silver Cougar was introduced. Following the 2012 Silver Moose, only two designs remain to be released before the Wildlife Series will conclude. Because of their limited release, these coins enjoy a high premium from collectors around the world. Bearing a denomination of $5, they can serve as legal tender, but their intrinsic value in silver bullion and collectability dwarfs their face value.

The Royal Canadian Mint has achieved respect for its production excellence due to several important accomplishments. The RCM produced the first .9999 gold coin as well as the largest .99999 gold bullion coin. The first gold coin to enjoy direct laser etching was their $100 Gold Leduc Oil Fields coin in 2002, and in 2006, they offered the first Canadian coin to be solely sculpted using computer software. Their high-tech achievements combined with their superb artisans make the 2012 Canadian Silver Moose yet another fine coin that is likely to increase in value in the years to come.

The reverse design of the Canadian Silver Moose is just as majestic as its predecessors. The moose’s mature set of antlers fills the top of the coin as he gazes toward the west in his natural habitat. The reverse design is also labeled with the words “CANADA” at the top and “9999 FINE SILVER ONE OZ ARGENT PUR.”

For some perspective on what makes these coins so valuable, consider the following five factors. First, the 2012 Canadian Silver Moose is the fourth coin in a 6-coin series that is set to retire after only two more designs. Second, the Silver Moose has been sculpted by the Royal Canadian Mint’s Senior Engraver, William Woodruff, to the exacting standards one would expect from the RCM. Third, they are a limited release coin. Their maximum mintage is only one million coins, making them 30 times more rare than the beloved American Silver Eagle.

Fourth, their silver bullion content is more pure than a Silver Eagle with .9999 fine silver, and they enjoy a legal tender face value five times that of a the Silver Eagle, as well. Finally, the past issues have a proven track record of being highly prized by buyers and collectors worldwide. Therefore, we are confident that our investors and collectors will appreciate the 2012 Canadian Silver Moose as much as they have enjoyed its predecessors.