Monday, April 23, 2012

UNICORN Series Silver Coin 1000 Francs Cameroon 2012

 The "Unicorn" series is dedicated to these legendary creatures present often in Greek and Roman myths .

This first pure silver issue is dedicated to Unicorn, it is enriched by a real opal gemstone. Mintage extremely limited to 888 pieces only!

Country:  Cameroon
Year: 2012
Face Value: 1000 Francs
Metal: Silver
Fineness (purity): 999/1000
Weight: (g) 20 grams
Diameter: (mm) 38.61
Quality: Proof
Mintage: (pcs) 888
Certificate: (COA) Yes
Presentation case: (box) Yes


The unicorn is a legendary creature usually depicted with the body of a horse, but with a single, usually spiral, horn growing out of its forehead. The unicorn's blood and horn supposedly have mystical healing properties. A unicorns horn also is known as the "bane of evil" in that it has the ability to dispel anything malignant in water and can also kill most truly evil creatures it comes in to contact with. Naturally Kings sought after cups made from this horn so they could enjoy a poison free meal.
It was actually believed that the first Unicorn was in fact a goat, but through out the ages, the legends and depictions became blurred and so the four legged creature in turn became the white single horned horse it is today.

Traditionally the unicorn is said to be an extinct mythical animal as the original tale that surrounds it goes. Unicorns once roamed freely before humans discovered the uses of their horns. The unicorns were near enough impossible to catch and skewered anyone who would try with their horn so a method was devised. A huntsman would stand in front of a tree and bait the unicorn who would then charge at him and become stuck in the wood (if the huntsman was fast enough.

The horn was then sawed off leaving the unicorn defenceless to natural predators or they were killed on the spot. Of course this wasn't the safest of methods and many men died until one day a man took his young daughter to the hunt and found the unicorn came straight to her and lay down in her lap, allowing the hunter to saw off it's horn. Thus the secret was broadcast and the unicorns were wiped out.

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