Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 $10 White Tiger Diamonds of Nature Fiji Proof Silver Coin

A new silver coin by the Republic of Fiji is to be issued in November 2012 with the limited mintage amount of 1 000 pieces. The new release of the Diamonds of Nature series is dedicated to the White Tiger (also known as the White Bengal Tiger) which is a subspecies of Tiger, found throughout the Indian subcontinent.

The obverse of the coin traditionally bears the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The upper part of the coin contains the inscription denoting the Queen’s name. Below the portrait, there are the legends indicating the face value of the coin, the name of the issuing country and the issuing year.

Featured on the reverse, there is the coloured image of two White Tigers against the background of their habitat landscape. This beautifully white coloured tiger with black stripes is a large and powerful animal that can weigh up to 300kg and reaches more than 3 meters in length.

The species is listed by the IUCN as Endangered and therefore severely threatened in its surrounding environment. The upper part of the reverse comprises the inscription of the series name; below the image, there is the legend indicating the name of the coin.