Monday, July 15, 2013

War Bird One Ounce Silver Medallion - Brilliant Uncirculated

In the Warbird, the Bald Eagle was replaced by another predator, the aptly
named Predator Drone. Like Ben Franklin's opposition to the Bald Eagle being the
symbol of our nation, the Predator Drone is a symbol of everything that is wrong
with America today. We have become further detached from the reality of our
actions to the point we don't even need to send men to nations that oppose our
Debt and Death way of life.

The feathers of the Warbird are represented by the absolutely incredible,
blood splatter, sculpting that the famed Sculptress Heidi Wastweet created. No
other coin that I know of has used a splatter technique in sculpting a coin.
This stunning representation of the real blood that is spilled by the Debt and
Death Empire is even marked by her initials HW to the left of the Shield.

The Shield represents the patriotic propaganda this Debt and Death Empire
hides behind. People must believe they are doing good and are given stories to
use in their head to justify their active or passive participation in this Debt
an Death Empire. This propaganda is mostly focused on those that make the system
function. It assuages any tinges of guilt they may have with rationalizations.
When that does not work, you can simply pop a pill to make the cognitive
dissonance depression go away.

The banner Divide and Conquer replaces E Plurbis Unam of the American Silver
Eagle. While we are told that we are a nation built out of many into one, the
reality is the real power is created in dividing and conquering people. This is
the same old playbook that has been used by the elite for centuries to divide
and conquer people that goes back to Diocletian. We have far more in common with
the average Iraqi than any of the psychopathic financial or political leaders we
sacrifice and kill for.

Below the Shield, is the true goal of our empire spreading the chains of debt
to the willing and the arrows of

death to the unwilling.

This is the 3rd time the 5 arrows have been used in the Silver Bullet Silver
Shield Series. It was first used in the Debt and Death coin that started the
series, where the crest of the Rothschild banking fortune was exposed for the
debt and death they trust. "Let me control the money supply and I care not who
sits on the throne." Baron Rothschild

The 5 arrows were then used in the Slave Queen where the true Rothschild
power was behind the British Empire.

This time the five arrows represent the Rothschild owed Federal Reserve that
empowers the American Debt and Death Empire.

This first coin in the new series produced by the ISO Certified Golden State
Mint also has a new Silver Bullet Silver Shield Reverse. It still has the
resonating phrases of A Conscious Solution to Collectivist Problems and Listen
To All Follow None.

These phrases boldly empower the individual to see that we
are the solution. We do not have to change the world to make ourselves free. We
simply need to change ourselves to make our world free.

The 47 bullets represent the atomic number of silver and the shield has been
changed to add another powerful concept of the Trivium.

The Trivium was the second coin produced in the series and the first positive
coin in the series. The Trivium breaks the two step, input output, slave thought
process of our indoctrination.

The Trivium is using Grammar to interpret words, symbols, or idea.

Logic gives the individual the power to ask questions like why are they being
presented this information? To whom does this benefit? And what is the most
likely outcome of what they are observing?

Finally Rhetoric is the ability to transmit their logic to others and the
ability to defend or amend their conclusions.

The Trivium is represented by the ellipses that were formed in the original
Trivium coin and the three symbols at the top of the Shield.

The Key represents the ability to use grammar to unlock the meaning of what
your are observing.

The Arrow represents Logic. In mathematics the arrow is used to imply if...
then scenarios.

The 5 exploding lines represent Rhetoric and the ability to speak out about
your conclusions.

I believe the meaning behind the Silver Bullet Silver Shield coins will have
a historically significant impact.

This will show future generations that not everyone alive during this Debt
and Death paradigm were insane in blindly supporting this unnatural way of